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What is health?

Health is not just the absence of disease. Health is freedom from any restriction that is stopping you from doing what you want and achieving the life you want. When we are free of restrictions, nothing is standing in the way of a joyful life, in which we fulfill our potential.

tree-in-windImagine a tree in the wind. Over time a constant wind will alter a tree’s growth pattern and the tree will adapt by growing crookedly. If we are the tree in this scenario, stressors and restrictions are the wind, and they affect our development, health and vitality. When the restrictions are removed, we can grow straight and true, achieving our full potential for optimum health.

The goal of homeopathic treatment is to remove restrictions in all areas of a person’s life. By treating the whole person, we can treat someone’s mental and physical health with one treatment plan. This is what makes homeopathy unique.

Individualized healthcare

Homeopathy offers individualized care. No one is exactly like anyone else. Just like clusters of stars create individual constellations in the sky, each of my clients’ symptoms create a unique remedy picture. The care and guidance you receive from me is designed for you specifically, chosen for your precise constellation of symptoms. The goal of my work is to understand you deeply and to see the pattern of your life. A homeopathic remedy carefully chosen for you will release restrictions and restore health and balance to your life.

Our partnership

I believe that we all have the power to change our health through our choices and our actions. I believe in having a voice and empowerment in our healthcare. Be choosy with your practitioner choices. Choose practitioners who listen, partner and work with you. In my practice, I commit to working in partnership with you to restore your health for a lifetime of wellness. I am your ally.


Radical self-care is making you and your health a priority. Homeopathic treatment is comprehensive self-care. I offer remedies, guidance, and wisdom that make you the priority on your health journey.  Start today toward a life of balance, joy and freedom from restriction.








 “Alexis is the most competent homeopath that I have encountered in my fifteen years of experience with this method of healing.  She is also an accomplished teacher and can explain the remedies’ characteristics and applicability in a way that is easily understood, which is important in my opinion when you are a patient looking for relief and answers, turning to homeopathy, which is both simple and complex. Under Alexis’s care I have experienced a profound level of healing that I never believed was possible.”
– Jamie

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